Why do people play business on hard mode? Do it the easier way.

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Ranking your business at the top of Google can be all the difference between the phone ringing with new customers and struggling to grow.

My team at Bold SEO has cracked the code for local service businesses.

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Business isn't a David Goggins workout.

Too many entrepreneurs are gluttons for punishment. They love doing hard things. They want to do something against all odds.

We buy into the underdog stories we read about in business books. Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg.

So we try to do things that haven't been done before.

That is all bullshit.

The cold hard truth:

The stronger the competition, the worse the opportunity.

Business is a series of games.

And some games are easier than other games.

Think about it like this:

You are playing a basketball game and $20,000 per month every month is on the line for the winner.

Do you want to play against LeBron James or a 5th grade girl?

I'd personally pick the 5th grade girl every time. This isn’t a “see who can do the hardest thing” competition.

Remember something important:

The degree of difficulty doesn't count. This isn't an olympic gymnastics routine. There aren't more points for doing something really hard.

In business you can get paid just as well for doing easy things over and over again and you can get paid zero for doing certain really hard things really well.

Business isn’t a David Goggins workout.

So what should you do?

Copy what is working. Do what normal people have succeeded at. Find an area where the competition is weak.

Here’s a good practice:

Go to a reasonably nice country club in your town on a Tuesday morning. Sit there all day and watch the people getting out of their brand new F150s to go play golf.

Walk up to anyone who looks like they are under 40 years old and ask them what they do.

I’m serious. When you see somebody who looks 35 getting out of their vehicle at 10am on a Tuesday, walk up to them and ask them what they do for work.

If you want to control your schedule and make good money, pick one of the careers that is common among these people.

You’ll find 5 common themes:

Entrepreneurship. Real estate. Insurance. Wealth management. Sales.

Some people disagree with me - they think stronger competition always means more money.

But the people in the game building real businesses know the truth:


A couple things that have made my life better:

I made an investment in a sauna and cold plunge at my primary residence lately and it has been AMAZING. I bought through Nordica Saunas.

I got the Harvia Spirit Wifi 8 kw with the Almost Heaven 4 person sauna (onyx upgrade). Coldture chiller for my cold plunge also purchased through Nordica.

Two benefits:

  1. I sleep like a rock. Last night after two 15 minute sessions near 200 degrees with a cold plunge in the middle and at the end, I took a shower and laid down in my bed to read a bit as always. I don't even remember opening my book and the next thing I know it is 6am. 8.5 hours of amazing sleep.
  2. It is social. Several buddies have come over and we just hang out for 30 minutes and talk. It is an excellent non-alcohol social activity. I actually wish I would have gotten the 6 or 8 person sauna because this one is only comfortable for 2 people.

See it here:

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Nick Huber
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4:2 PM • Jun 3, 2024


Upon recommendation from my friend Andrew Wilkinson I got some lightly tented face sunscreen.

I don't use much but my wife has already commented that she likes the way I look. Protect from the sun, look better = win. Even if it means wearing makeup.


Not enough people do this before they pick a career path:


This was one of my most controversial tweets this week, but I stand by it.

People need to have more kids earlier. I know a lot of people who really regret waiting and not having more.

Onward and upward,

Nick Huber


Lastly, If you buy real estate, I highly recommend doing cost segregation studies to defer taxes. (how it works below)

I use RE Cost Seg and they do studies much cheaper than the competition and provide super high-quality engineered reports.

They are currently offering 10% off your next study now through June 15th, 2024. Just use code SUMMER10 when you speak with them.

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